I joined Grace and Grit in November of 2020 because Jenny Roth is probably one of the best humans I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.

She has this remarkable ability to hold space for people that feels so safe and sincere. I've struggled with movement and working out since 2018 when I was hit in two different car accidents only months apart. I've felt really down on myself for the changes my body has went through since then, while dealing with a lot of chronic pain. Jenny didn’t push me to make outrageous fitness goals, in fact, she didn’t even place a huge focus on my exact goal, because the point of G&G is the decision to be SUPPORTED on the path to better health and overall wellness.

 Jenny helped me reframe a lot of my thinking patterns that have kept me stuck. She is also super hilarious and makes everything fun. I am not a huge fan of groups with strangers but after a short while, the group grew really close and everyone was so supportive, not just of our G&G goals, but of each other’s lives. Jenny has a way of bringing really amazing humans together. One of my favorite parts of the group was breathing at the beginning and end of each zoom session. It was helpful to settle in our bodies before and after check ins. It was something I looked forward to each week. I have been more consistent with my goals and movement in the last three months with this group than I have been in the last three years. I am so grateful. I am signing up again and I hope you will join us!


 I think everyone should have a Jenny in their life, because you are seriously missing out if you don’t!

Recently, I finished 3 months of Jenny's Grace & Grit program and it has been such a huge catapult for my own personal growth and expansion.

I joined this group with the intention of cultivating my skills as a writer and also do some deep healing. I didn't have the accountability to actually sit down and make it a consistent thing. Thanks to this group of contagiously gritty and graceful women, I did it! I am no longer writing just to write, but to heal too!

I would do this program a million times over again. Because sometimes life is hard, and having deep self love and support along the way is how you become gritty and get stuff done. Something about doing the hard things as a collective just feels so much more empowering.