The Coaching

You are not the average client; I am not your average coach.


You've accepted all the challenges

that life has presented you.

You handled your career.


You started a family(yes, dogs count). 


You want all this life has to offer.



There is just one last challenge for you to accept...



YOUR BODY.  The Final Frontier.

Who has time for the gym, or long bike rides, or anything at all when you have kids and deadlines and vacations and LIFE?!Plus, there is almost the expectation that you will place your body on the back burner. So you tell yourself it is only the very vain and shallow who focus on fitness in the midst of "real life". And since you are NOT vain or selfish. Maybe  a little voice would whisper from time to time. Little thoughts about "regetting it later" and "maybe you can change." Anyways, isn't it irresponsible to follow that quiet inner voice when there is SO MUCH TO DO. 


Plus maybe, just maybe, you were never

all that fond of your body to begin with.

So you make some self deprecating jokes about your thighs or gut and move on to "more important things." You put your head down and kept working.

You may even be grateful for the distraction that work and family provided.

Besides you'll get to it one day.

And now one day is here and you are overwhelmed

and discouraged and unsure how to move forward.

And maybe you're afraid it is too late, that your  ship has sailed.

That you are better off accepting your body as is,

rather then creating false hope around what could be and

risk the disappointment and devastation of failure.​

Let me tell you, unequivocally,


In fact, you are in very good company.

It's likely some of your best friends are here. 

It is not too late.

YOU can have everything you want from your body.

Strength, sexiness, and fun.

It requires guts and support and a clear plan. 

This is an opportunity to renew your faith in your body.

To reclaim your ability to follow through,

to get stronger, healthier, happier, and create the life you want to live. On your terms.



I believe that personal training should ultimately be PERSONAL. Not just that you receive individualized attention and a personalized work out.

That your preferences and enjoyment should dictate your fitness choices and experience. I believe that to create a sustainable, enjoyable, "best practices" type of strength training routine, requires YOU to be fully involved in the process.

Because (drum roll, please)....

I am not the expert on your body - YOU ARE.

YOU are the expert on YOUR BODY.


YOU are.



In order to create a truly PERSONALIZED program, a "where have you been all my life" program, I need you to educate me about your body. Because no matter how many classes I take,

or videos I watch, or degrees I receive,

I will NEVER know more about YOUR BODY than you do.


In a culture that urges you to discount your own experience and put your trust in the "experts", it makes perfect sense that you would doubt your instincts in regards to exercise and health.

We are all searching for answers. We all want to eliminate uncertainty and *know* what the best path to follow. I am often asked what is "the best" for a client.

"The best" lift, circuit, stretch, or diet.

"The best" after-work, before-coffee, during-therapy exercise choices. 

I can come up with a ton of possible answers, but let's not waste our time playing guessing games.  The truth is, the answer to most of your questions lie with YOU. 


You may need guidance to make your informed decision. That, my friends, IS what I am here for, to guide, support, challenge and encourage you.

 I am here to learn who you are, what you want, and design a program that reflects those things. To share with you all that I have learned studuing physiology, psychology and fitness. 

Like an on-demand library of exercise, personal development, nutrition, and dirty jokes. 

I am here to give you full access to the 




Sometimes you need an outside perspective.

Sometimes you need a pep talk.

Sometimes you need to be drunk during yoga.

Whatever your goals are we can get there.

  • Fitness assessment designed to guide you towards your IDEAL exercise routine.

  • 2 30-minute skype session with The Jeneral. 

  1. We delve into what drives you and what gets in the way.

  2. We break down how to use your preference as a guiding light for success in fitness and life.

  • PERSONALIZED workout program. It's all about YOU!

  • REAL LIFE SOLUTIONS for exercise, mindset, and nutrition. PLUS, fun and shenaningans - delivered right to your inbox!


$300 initial month

$150 each following month

6 month commitment

Everything is negotiable.