Grace & GRIT

The FASTEST path

to the life you desire

 is through CONSISTENCY.


I know you did not work this hard in business and life to feel uncomfortable in your own skin.

I work with women who struggle with maintaining consistency in their personal goals.

Grace and Grit uses science-based mindset strategies, paired with peer accountability to ensure you get and stay on track. This coaching series will give you the 

With community, kindness, and personal resolve, you will experience the pride and freedom that comes from moving consistently toward our goals.

GRIT; because you've got work to do.

3 months of being accountable to yourself and your peers. 

3 months of slowing down and showing up for yourself, relentlessly.

3 months of responsibility and devotion to your body and the care it requires.

GRACE; because nothing supports transformational change like deep love.

3 months of leaning in and loosening up your ideas about health, self-care, and  self-worth.

3 months to strengthen your relationship to your body and mind.

3 months of kind, strengthening and joyful movement.



*Spring Session begins 3/13/2022

session 1 Satuday 7am PST

session 2  Tuesday 11am PST

session 3 Monday 6:30pm PST

*Initial meet up 1-1.5hr(goal setting and sharing, scope of practice, Q&A)

*Weekly Zoom meet-ups(1hr)

*Peer support through weekly check-In

*Writing Prompts for self discovery

*Special Guests (because I don't know everything)

*Guided Meditation

*Fun and Shenanigans

*$400(can be paid in installments)

At the end of 12 weeks, you can expect a renewed sense of confidence, trust, and delight in yourself. You will have accumulated a practice you can use again and again to accomplish your goals. You will have connected with a pack of fierce, compassionate women in a caring and fun environment.