Self-care for Transformative Times

alternative titles included...


Resilient AF

Rested And Resilient

How to stay grounded when the world is on fire

Showing up for the Apocalypse

Self Preservation for Modern Day Warriors

Best practices for the End of Times


My Friends,

You Sweet, Sweet Babies...


2021 will not be chill.

I know, I know. A thousand Eff words.


And it is the truth and after last year we both need and deserve to hear the truth. 2021 will continue to demand that we address the ongoing consequences of our collective actions. We will be asked to address disparity in resources, justice, love, and beliefs. We will be charged with truth telling, showing up while afraid, taking emotional ownership of our individual participation in these deeply harmful systems. What can we contribute to the transformation of our world as exhausted, agitated, reactive folks? Our ability to stay present in the face of what is to come will require that we are steadfast and calm. That we can show up in a windstorm and not get rattled. How? How can we possibly face another year like the last while remaining calm, strong, steadfast and in alignment with our values? 


With DEEP self-care.


Not the face-masks and mani/pedi self care we have been sold. Not the do whatever you want with no regard for anyone else self care. 


This self care is simple, yet metamorphic.

The kind of care that reverberates deep in your cells. The kind of care you’d give to an infant or a beloved pet or your housebound grandma.

Rest, food, community. 

Water, play, solitude. 

Nature, comfort, forgiveness.

Can you begin to tend to your own needs like those of a loved one?  Can you show your self patience when you are over-stimulated? Offer yourself a moment of solace, a comforting beverage? Can you gently remind yourself it's okay to unplug or even lay down for a spell? Can you imagine responding to your own frustration or exhaustion with a sweet voice, a hug, a snack? 


In this workshop, you will decide which tools are the best practices for your individual body, mind, spirit. We will explore methods of self-soothing; how to honor and care for this ridiculous meat suit of ours. We will explore various ways to care for your nervous system. How to down-regulate and/or co-regulate to reset a frayed nervous system. Tools for slowing down to hear and respond to your body’s knowledge about what it needs and what to do next. Hint: this is where our intuition lives. 

My greatest hope for this day is that you will leave this space with remembering that you deserve the same space, quiet, joy, love and nutrition you’d give to a baby animal.