Get your butt in here! I am so happy to see you!


If I have a is connection.


YI beleive that you are the expert on your boddy. I beleive that where you are right now. In thIs exactly where you should estart from. I beleive that we all need a coach. i beleive that growth, inclusivity, autonomy and rebelliousness are the makings of a great business. 

Video re why I started working out. My philosophy.

I started working out for the same reas

And you thought you'd just be doing crunches!





This isn't any old training program.   

This is a revolutionary approach to  

                                                           personal training.






You are not the average client - I am not your average coach.

In the process of getting stronger and leaner. You will also learn more about who you are, where you want to go in this one amazing life we get and how to get there. My favorite part about coaching is building relationships. You will get to know me and I you and it will be fun and deep and weird and neither of us will ever be the same.


If I have a niche-it is CONNECTION.








At the risk of being the WORST personal trainer AND potentially being kicked out of the secret society of People Who Make You Feel Bad You Don't Weigh-less and Lift More;

I am going to tell you a secret:

I do not love exercise.


It's true. I don't. I look like I do, I probably sound like I do, I am certainly expected to and still, I do not like it.


I like to sleep in.

I like to sit on the couch and watch movies-particularly movies I've already seen

(a trait that makes my husband sigh and shake his head).

I like to drink beer and sunbathe.

I like to eat. A LOT.

I like to read, all day, preferably in bed.

I LOVE to make people laugh. 


I do not, however, LIKE to exercise.


It is true, that I like HOW I LOOK when I exercise.

I definitely like how I act when I exercise.

I love that I feel confident, sexy,

and powerful when I exercise.

And of course, I  know it is "good for me.”

Still these are not the reasons I exercise. 

Nor are they the reasons I've dedicated my life to coaching. 


It really comes down to this simple cause and effect -

when I lift, I can be my best self.


When I skip my work-out days I begin an 

ever-quickening descent to self-loathing madness.

I get depressed and careless.

I am quick to yell at my kids, hate myself for it and

assuage my guilt by yelling some more.  

I avoid phone calls, stop balancing my checkbook, and returning my library books. 

I interpret EVERYTHING my husband says to me as a criticism.


I tell myself things like:


"ugh, of course YOU didn't..."


"It's just like you..."


"you're never going to be..."


"...hope you enjoy your impoverished/homely/isolated/disastrous old age; because you ruined your life."


It gets worse, but you get the picture. It is NOT pretty.

And it effects my very favorite people. Super lame.


My family of origin is riddled with depression,

addiction, alcoholism, several un-diagnosed mental illnesses and a general inability (or desire)

to navigate social interactions using 

the agreed upon standards for our civilized society.


What exercise does for me, why I am devoted to it in all

its many forms, is that it keeps my CRAZY at bay.

It has afforded me a life that is mostly healthy and happy,

calm and connected, light and joyous -

for that, I am deeply devoted to exercise. 


I now know emphatically, when I workout 

I am a happier person.

I am nicer to myself and, therefore,

I am nicer to everyone else.

I feel more confident and therefore, more desirable.

I make better food choices,

either in content or portion - rarely both. 

And as one of my clients so eloquently put it

"being physically stronger has made me emotionally stronger".

Um, Hell Yes.